ilucona gravity lamps

ilucona gravity is a projection LED lamp with a unique design and functions. It awakens emotions, pleasant feelings and creates a magical interior atmosphere from light paintings on the wall. Color compositions and light intensity can be easily adjusted by remote control Mysthic.
We set the projection direction by rotating the light part of the lamp relative to the base by up to 360°, or by tilting the lamp. This unique use of gravity in the design of the lamp will guarantee that it will always be an unmissable design accessory for any modern interior, as well as its remote control Mysthic, which has adopted an attractive playful design and added a finger hole and a luxurious velvet surface for a better grip.
The uniqueness of the lamp has already been awarded first place in the L A M P 2021 International Lighting Design Competition in the floor lamps category. The lamp can also be used for meditation and color therapy.

ilucona gravity large

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