lighting images

The ilumé are unique lighting images controlled by a unique remote control. They combine creative imagination with a world of precise physical laws. The light source installed inside the light motif in parallel with the shade motif that illuminates. Light copies the composition and colors of the shade, creating amazing color and light variations. This technical solution is unique in the world.

The philosophy of the ilumé brand is to explore innovative approaches through new technologies, materials, unique design and special manufacturing processes with a high proportion of specific handwork. All this knowledge and ideas are gradually applied in practice to create products of lasting value – original and unique products that contain no components of controlled aging …

In 2011, the long and demanding development of its own unique patent protected light-shade interaction system started.

Lighting images ilumé allow you to change a variety of parameters – intensity, color and motif color composition – so many light variations arise, ensuring that they never become a dull and boring means of lighting.

ilumé create a perfect intimate atmosphere, thus fulfilling the function of ambient lighting to relax, but at the same time, thanks to controlled intensity, create full light with a predominance of warm or cold colors by controlling the color of the motif composition. Even in the daytime, the light image retains very rich and intense colors, which pleasantly complement the interior with color energies, all while consuming electricity in the most economical category of LED lights.

Used materials and construction solutions have a lifetime of tens of years, which is proved by a unique warranty period of 5 years. In addition, the controller can be easily replaced in case of loss or damage.

Through a different approach to production quality, we strive to push the boundaries of the lifestyle of consumers with high demands on individuality, originality and lasting value.

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