Another unique feature of Mysthic is the wall electronic unit. It is mounted on the wall at the place of installation of the light image and connected to the prepared concealed distribution of electrical energy. The light image simply hangs into the unit, just like a classic image.


– anchored to the wall with 2 screws + dowels (included) with a spirit level, so that it is light image in an ideal horizontal plane
– ilumé can be installed on any other solid surface (glass, metal, wood, stone, etc.), however, it is necessary to choose adequate screws / mounting system
– after mounting on the wall, the base is connected to the prepared concealed electrical energy, so after hanging the image will not see the cabling
– base can be connected to the classic el. drawer – if the drawer is in the outline of the light, everything can be overlaid with a picture (offset from the wall by 45 mm)
– the wall unit is connected to a standard spring terminal block with a lever for wires up to 2.5mm2
– power supply
INPUT: 100 – 240V ~ 0.75A 50/60 Hz
OUTPUT: 12-24V DC 5-10A (unit also complies with US standard)

– as soon as the wall unit is connected and ready, the light image can be connected to it
– it is necessary to proceed slowly in this operation and to deploy the image evenly with the locking pins (larger dimensions are ideally used in pairs)
– the light image fits into the base with its own weight as soon as it is in the ideal horizontal position in the base, it automatically connects and lights up
– after installation, the light image is offset from the wall by 45 mm, in the upper part it rests on the base and, depending on its size and shape, is provided with supporting legs in appropriate places
– the indentation gives the image an exceptional and attractive appearance

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