ilucona gravity

ilucona gravity is a projection LED lamp with a unique design and functions. It awakens emotions, pleasant feelings and creates a magical interior atmosphere from light paintings on the wall.
The size of the colored images can be changed by the distance of the lamp from the wall, by tilting it, or by rotating the light part of the lamp relative to the base by up to 360°. The color composition, light intensity, motion effects, automatic control, time schedule and other settings can be adjusted in the simple application (iOS, Android) or with the Mysthic remote control. But we can also turn the lamp on and off with a button directly on the lamp without using the application.

By combining these abilities, you can very effectively illuminate any modern interior, parts of architecture, optically divide a large space, create a relaxation or meditation zone, or use the lamp in color therapy.

The low center of gravity of the round base is balanced so that the lamp stands straight, but can also move. This unique use of gravity in the design of the lamp will guarantee that it will always be an unmissable design accessory of any modern interior. Thanks to the supplied balance pad, the lamp can be fixed in any position other than straight. The base can also be used when placing the lamp on an uneven surface, e.g. stones.

The control free applications Shelly smart control will allow you to control the lamp with a mobile phone or tablet, or it can be added to the existing smart home network of a modern house. It is also fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung Smart Things devices, which can control the lamp by voice. Thanks to the applications, the operation of the ilucona gravity lamp can also be fully automated, it can define light scenes depending on the time and day, or assign it to the Shelly cloud and control and monitor it remotely. In this way, the lamps can be synchronized not only in the entire building, but also in the outdoor area around the buildings via the WiFi network.

ilucona gravity effectively enlivens living rooms, entrance halls, corridors, staircases, restaurants, cafes, wellness centers, or creates an intimate atmosphere in bedrooms and relaxation areas, lighting around swimming pools, etc. and all this in a compact, minimalistic, simple, easily portable design.

The uniqueness of the lamp has already been awarded first place in the L A M P 2021 International Lighting Design Competition in the floor lamps category.

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