remote control Mysthic


New technologies and ways of controlling appliances make it easy and simple to use. Therefore, even ilumé are very easy to operate. Either with a mysteless Mysthic system of our own design and production, or via WiFi and a mobile application with any mobile phone or tablet. The design of the frameless light is not disturbed by any controls.

Systhem Mysthic consists of a design remote control width rechargeable battery, a mirrored pad and control electronic unit mounted on the wall behind the light image.
The remote controller has an attractive playful design with a finger hole and a luxurious velvety surface for a comfortable grip. The built-in battery allows up to 1 year of operation on a single charge. The controller includes a magnet, so it can be attached to various metal surfaces in the interior, or mounted on a mirror pad to underline its exceptional design.


The light is controlled by the rotary center button, which switches on, off, changes the intensity and color composition. However, the sophisticated shape of the remote control is designed to allow the remote control to be used even with the button towards the mat, then just tap the remote control lightly on the nightstand – no tedious search for small table lamp switches in the dark. The light is turned on and off slowly, which is more pleasant for the eyes, especially when switched on from total darkness. The light image can have several remote controls.


The built-in rechargeable battery allows normal operation of the remote control for up to 1 year on a single charge. The supplied USB cable is used for charging, which is simply connected to the remote control via a magnetic connector. Any mobile phone charger, laptop or PC with a USB connector can be used for charging (Zero Waste – the charger is not part of the package). The electronic circuit signals charging with a red light, full charging with a blue light. An illuminated magnetic connector indicates connection to a charging source.

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