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ilucona gravity is a projection lamp with a unique design and functions. It awakens emotions, pleasant feelings and creates a magical atmosphere from the energy of color light images, which we can direct to any wall or room. The lamp creates bold color compositions that we can adjust to our imagination in several ways. With the remote control, we set the light intensity in the range of 0-100%, or the color composition in which the colors of our choice will predominate. We change the size of the paintings on the wall by the distance of the lamp from the wall. We set the direction of projection by rotating the light part of the lamp relative to the base by up to 360 °, or by tilting the lamp up to 40 ° of vertical tilt, where it remains tilted thanks to its unique ability to balance. These unique options ensure that the lamp will be an unmissable design accessory in any modern interior, as well as its remote control, which has an attractive playful design with a finger hole and a luxurious velvet surface for a better grip. The built-in battery lasts up to 1 year of operation on a single charge.



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– dimensions: lamp height – 83 cm, base diameter – 20 cm, shade diameter – 25 mm, weight – 2,5 kg

– materials: lamp base and remote control – recyclable PET thermoplastic, lamp shade – aluminum

surface finish: lamp base and remote control – black luxurious velvet surface (flocking), lamp shade – black matte finish with diamond glitter 

– wireless communication: 2.4 Ghz, range 30 m

– adjustable luminous flux: 0-450 lm

– input voltage: 100-240 V~

power cord: 3 m, black textile cable

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 86 cm


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